We welcome you to Astypalaia and greet you to our hotel Tholaria Boutique Hotel, with a green aspect.

Our main priority is to offer you high quality services, in balance with environmental care since our first day open.

For this purpose, we applied a series of actions in order to do our part in the protection of our environment which is such a difficult task.

A brief summary of our actions.

  • we have installed Photovoltaic Panels in the hotel's roof
  • we have installed Solar Water Heater for our warm water needs in order to further benefit from sunlight
  • we collect the rain water through roof system and use it to water our plants and our organic garden
  • to make our plant watering even more efficient, we have installed a automated watering system
  • to maintain room temperatures, we have installed casements with double glass to all windows and doors.
  • room keys are accompanied with electronic cards, which is inserted to a slot in the room when you enter to activate the electricity of the room. When you exit room and take the card with you, the power is automaticaly shut in the whole room, except the fridge.
  • to reduce further the power consumption, we have installed energy saving lamps in all of our hotel's areas. In addition we have installed time switches to all common areas lighting.
  • wall painting of our hotel has been made with special ecological paints according to E.E. standards. Due to the special substances of the paints, a part of the sunlight is absorbed through it, contributing to a cooler atmosphere around the hotel.