Tholaria Boutique Hotel in Astypalea a view at the Venetian castle that dominates at the top of Chora and the Aegean deep blue looks like a painting in which the colors of blue and white totally dominate. It also indicates the completion of a simple scene of absolute elegance and modesty.

Interior stone arches, white walls and earth materials created Tholaria Boutique Hotel in Astypalea, which balances between the past an the present without needing to decide.

There is a romantic aura not only at the suites and the studios but also at the pool of the hotel which has view of the Aegean. Our hotel can absolutely provide you the relaxation under the sun during the day and quiet contemplation under the starry sky with a cocktail in hand.



Tholaria Boutique Hotel got its name from the traditional architecture of Astypalea, which is also expressed to the extensions of buildings. A Dome (on Greek is called Tholos or Tholari) is the ceiling that follows the entire length of the building known as the architectural structure of Kamara.